Five Wood Engravings, Claudia Stapelfeld, (Zerkall-Bütten, 50 x 70 cm), Hamburg 2012/2013
The five wood engravings are demonstrating one of Claudia’s main subjects in her art works, namely serial pictures.

In Claudia’s words:
The technique always depends on the subject matter I want to express, so it can be a series made by drawings in ink or pencil, by photography or even by sculptural work; in this case the material, which I choose, is related to the several exhibition-room according to my idea.
The series offers the possibility to demonstrate changes on the on hands side in relation to permanent terms on the other hands side. This is a main principle of life-time and nature. In the five wood engravings one and the same person has got different flowers in her hand which she presents with various gestures. Every gesture is chosen according to the special flower-shape. In this way both, the person and the flower in its different shape, are creating the space of every various picture. The five pictures are framed by a circle which is engraved in the wood, too. Therefore the circle is the fix form of the frame in this series that rules as a permanent form the space of the picture, too, namely at the boundary between the white paper-sheet and the black print. The circle is the ancient form in which the artists and printers of the 14. and 15. century demonstrated the subject matters of their epochs by using wood engravings as a media of early mass publication.
Copyright by Claudia Stapelfeld, Hamburg 2014 (The pictures and the text are protected by copyright)